In 1969 in the heart of New York City, a Bronx native by the name of Richard Ross opened HOME's doors. Originally a bar and restaurant, HOME was the preferred dwelling space for some of the time's most influential minds such as John Lennon, David Bowie and many others. Tragically, Richard Ross was forced to sell his beloved business in 1979 due to issues with his health. Despite the hardships they faced, his family was able to keep the rights to the logo after he passed and kept his legacy alive.

Richard's nephews banded together to transform the name and logo of their late uncle's diner into the Classic American clothing brand it is today. They opened the doors to their first store in California on the beautiful 101 Coast Highway in 2001. With it's rich history, the brand has been able to thrive for over a decade, building upon the strong foundation of originality, creativity, and timelessness.