In 1969 Richard Ross, born and raised in the Bronx, opened a bar and restaurant at 92nd and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan, NYC. He appropriately named it "HOME." A simple and sweet name that would capture it's relaxed atmosphere perfectly. With food and drinks flowing in a comfortable setting and likeminded people from throughout the boroughs assembling in the space, HOME became a preferred city hang out for the growing hippie crowd of the 1970's.

It also became a favorite for some of the time's most influential minds. Regulars included a long roster of musicians and artists from all over the country and the world, including Davide Bowie, The Rolling Stones as well a New York resident John Lennon. Lennon quickly became good friends with Richard and formed a tight relationship that would carry on for over a decade preceding their respective deaths in 1980 and 1984.

The Classic HOME tee was born in 1972 when Richard decided to have shirts with the iconic HOME logo made for his favorite patrons. Later, Lennon helped him design several other variations including "The Solidarity Fist", "The Flower", as well as the "A Moment of Your Life" designs. Richard lovingly gifted these tee's to close friends and family only, and they can still be spotted peppered throughout the media to this day.

Thanks to his nephews David, Nick and Peter Ross, who fought to keep the rights to the iconic logo, Richard's legacy survives through the classic American brand they have built it into today. HOME Brand U.S.A. is the embodiment of classic American culture. With a timeless aesthetic that spans decades, the brand's influence is subtle yet substantial. 

Below: Photo of the late Richard Ross during a trip to Thailand in 1971